Our group is excited to present several papers at the ASME IDETC ‘23 conference! We plan to see everyone in person in Boston!

Similarities and Differences in Human vs. Computational Representations of Non-Semantic Inspirational Design Stimuli
Authors: Elisa Kwon and Kosa Goucher-Lambert

Adaptive Optimization of Subjective Design Attributes: Characterizing Individual and Aggregate Perceptions
Authors: Ananya Nandy and Kosa Goucher-Lambert

Conceptual Design Generation Using Large Language Models
Authors: Kevin Ma, Daniele Grandi, Christopher McComb, and Kosa Goucher-Lambert

How does agency impact human-AI collaborative design space exploration? A case study on ship design with deep generative models Authors: Shahroz Khan, Panagiotis Kaklis, and Kosa Goucher-Lambert

Journey Mapping the Virtual Design Thinking Experience: Engaging Students Across Disciplines in Human-Centered Design
Authors: George Moore, Vivek Rao, Alice Agogino, and Kosa Goucher-Lambert

Applying Minor Theory to Engineering Design (Extended Abstract)
Authors: Caseysimone Ballestas, Euiyoung Kim, Senthil Chandrasegaran, Vivek Rao, and Kosa Goucher-Lambert

Exploring Human-Centered Design Method Selection Strategies with Large Language Models (Extended Abstract)
Authors: Vivek Rao, Timothy Yang, Euiyoung Kim, Alice Agogina, and Kosa Goucher-Lambert