Lab Life

A sneak peek into life as a Co-Design lab member!

Caseysimone, Kosa, Kevin, Nicole, Yakira, Gaelle, Ananya and Elisa in office with 3d printed parts Visit to Autodesk office in SF

Ananya, Nicole, Kevin, Yakira, Elisa, and Caseysimone in front of a sign that says come on Barbie go party Lab trip to see the Barbie movie

Elisa, Sam, Nicole, Ananya, and Kosa in line in front of Garonne river in Bordeaux Co-Design Lab at ICED’23 in Bordeaux, France

Vivek, Ananya, Elisa, Kosa, holding award, Nicole, and Yakira, holding certificate, in front of screen with IDETC conference title Co-Design Lab at IDETC’22 in St. Louis

Yakira, Kosa, Elisa, Ananya, and Vivek in front of stairs inside Glasgow city hall Co-Design Lab at DCC’22 reception in Glasgow City Chambers

Kosa, Omar, Yakira, Ananya, Nicole, and Elisa in Oakland ice rink Lab ice skating trip to Oakland Ice Center!

Leo, George, Yakira, Kosa, Jonathan, Ananya, Bailing, Dixun, and Fred in v-formation Co-Design lab members in 2019