We are always looking for extremely bright, motivated, and passionate individuals to join our research group. Typically, researchers who join our group have a strong interest in design and expertise/experience in one or more of the following: design methodology, computational analyses (ML, agent based modeling, optimization), prototyping (physical/digital), psychology, and/or neuroscience. We are seeking talented researchers to expand our existing ideas and drive new research areas we have yet to explore. Desirable backgrounds include Mechanical Engineering, Human Computer Interaction, and Cognitive Science/Neuroscience.

If you are interested in research, please send me an email ( I highly suggest including the following information to maximize the likelihood that I respond to your initial message:

  • Include “[Co-Design Lab, Getting Involved]” in the subject line of your email.
  • Be as specific as possible about a research idea you have/would like to work on that relates to what my group does. If your email appears copy pasted/generic it will not receive a response.
  • Indicate the position you are seeking in the lab and whether you are seeking a funded or unfunded position.

Graduate students

Openings for graudate student positions for AY21-22 will be posted here.

  • We are currently recruiting 1-2 new PhD students for AY21-22. Please follow the directions above if sending an inquiry to me directly. Applications must be submitted to directly to the Berkeley ME department and recieved by Dec 1, 2020. Tag me as a faculty of interest when submitting your materials to increase the liklihood that I am able to review your submission. Let's change the future of design together!

Postdoctoral fellows

Please send (1) cover letter that includes the names and contacts for three references and a short statement of research interests, (2) a current CV, and (3) copies of 1-3 representative papers to

Undergraduate researchers

If you are a Berkeley undergraduate student please follow the directions above regarding reaching out to me via email. It is a good idea to have a look at some of our research papers and potentially talk to a graduate student in the lab before reaching out.