co-design lab in downtown boston

Members of the Co-Design Lab attended the 2023 International Conference on Engineering Design in Bordeaux, France this past week. Along with presenting their work, Elisa, Nicole, Ananya, and Kosa + collaborator Ye were able to meet many wonderful engineering design researchers from different countries, attend interesting talks, and reunite with visiting scholar Samuele!

nicole presenting LCA work co-design lab in front of river

Postdoc Dr. Mo Hu will begin her new role as Assistant Professor in the Department of Construction Science at Texas A&M University! Her lab will focus on human-centered solutions to sustainability challenges in designing and constructing the built environment. They will develop neuro-informed and AI-powered processes and tools to support smart and sustainable decision-making.

We wish you all the best in this new endeavor, Mo!

PhD Candidate Yakira Mirabito was awarded the ASME Elisabeth M. and Winchell M. Parsons Scholarship and the Hispanic Scholarship Fund award. In addition, she received several awards for her leadership and campus involvement: the Dean’s Award for Inclusive Excellence, the RISE! Leader Award, and the Outstanding Graduate Student Organization Award.

Yakira will also be attending NextProf Nexus in Atlanta, GA later this year. Congratulations Yakira!

Our group is excited to present several papers at the ASME IDETC ‘23 conference! We plan to see everyone in person in Boston!

Similarities and Differences in Human vs. Computational Representations of Non-Semantic Inspirational Design Stimuli
Authors: Elisa Kwon and Kosa Goucher-Lambert

Adaptive Optimization of Subjective Design Attributes: Characterizing Individual and Aggregate Perceptions
Authors: Ananya Nandy and Kosa Goucher-Lambert

Conceptual Design Generation Using Large Language Models
Authors: Kevin Ma, Daniele Grandi, Christopher McComb, and Kosa Goucher-Lambert

How does agency impact human-AI collaborative design space exploration? A case study on ship design with deep generative models Authors: Shahroz Khan, Panagiotis Kaklis, and Kosa Goucher-Lambert

Journey Mapping the Virtual Design Thinking Experience: Engaging Students Across Disciplines in Human-Centered Design
Authors: George Moore, Vivek Rao, Alice Agogino, and Kosa Goucher-Lambert

Applying Minor Theory to Engineering Design (Extended Abstract)
Authors: Caseysimone Ballestas, Euiyoung Kim, Senthil Chandrasegaran, Vivek Rao, and Kosa Goucher-Lambert

Exploring Human-Centered Design Method Selection Strategies with Large Language Models (Extended Abstract)
Authors: Vivek Rao, Timothy Yang, Euiyoung Kim, Alice Agogina, and Kosa Goucher-Lambert

Our group is excited to present several papers at the International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED) ‘23! We will see everyone in person in Bordeaux!

VR or Not? Investigating Interface Type and User Strategies for Interactive Design Space Exploration
Authors: Ananya Nandy, James Smith, Nicholas Jennings, Mike Kuniavsky, Bjoern Hartmann, and Kosa Goucher-Lambert

Examining the Boundary between Near and Far Design Stimuli
Authors: Elisa Kwon and Kosa Goucher-Lambert

Challenges in Extracting Insights from Life Cycle Assessment Documents During Early Stage Design
Authors: Nicole Goridkov, Kelly Ye, Ye Wang, and Kosa Goucher-Lambert

Towards Sustainable Life Cycles of Making in Small Scale Fabrication Spaces
Authors: George Moore, Kosa Goucher-Lambert, and Alice Agogino

Congratulations to our visiting scholar alum, Dr. Shahroz Khan, for receiving first place in the Images of Research awards in the category of Technology Transformer! This award was received for the graphical abstract of his ShipHullGAN paper and was presented by the University of Strathclyde’s Vice Chancellor, Sir Jim McDonald. Congratulations Dr. Khan! Read the related paper here.

Shah with award and award presenter