Our group is excited to present several papers at the International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED) ‘23! We will see everyone in person in Bordeaux!

VR or Not? Investigating Interface Type and User Strategies for Interactive Design Space Exploration
Authors: Ananya Nandy, James Smith, Nicholas Jennings, Mike Kuniavsky, Bjoern Hartmann, and Kosa Goucher-Lambert

Examining the Boundary between Near and Far Design Stimuli
Authors: Elisa Kwon and Kosa Goucher-Lambert

Challenges in Extracting Insights from Life Cycle Assessment Documents During Early Stage Design
Authors: Nicole Goridkov, Kelly Ye, Ye Wang, and Kosa Goucher-Lambert

Towards Sustainable Life Cycles of Making in Small Scale Fabrication Spaces
Authors: George Moore, Kosa Goucher-Lambert, and Alice Agogino