Vivek Rao

Postdoctoral Scholar

Vivek is advised by Professor Alice Agogino and Professor Kosa Goucher-Lambert, and his research explores the intersection of design theory and methodology, emerging technologies, and sociotechnical systems. In addition to his role as a post-doc, he lectures at the Jacobs Institute for Design Innovation and Haas School of Business. He earned his PhD in Mechanical Engineering at UC-Berkeley, and previously was a designer and strategist at IDEO.


Journey Mapping the Virtual Design Thinking Experience: Engaging Students Across Disciplines in Human-Centered Design

Understanding inspiration: Insights into how designers discover inspirational stimuli using an AI-enabled platform

Embedding Experiential Design Knowledge in Interactive Knowledge Graphs

Designing Privacy Risk Frameworks for Evolving Cyber-Physical Social Systems: Knowledge Gaps Illuminated by the Case of Autonomous Vehicles and Bystander Privacy

Capturing Designers' Experiential Knowledge in Scalable Representation Systems: A Case Study of Knowledge Graphs for Product Teardowns

Investigating the Roles of Expertise and Modality in Designers' Search for Inspirational Stimuli

Exploring designers’ encounters with unexpected inspirational stimuli

Like a Moodboard, but More Interactive - The Role of Expertise in Designers’ Mental Models and Speculations on an Intelligent Design Assistant

Understanding Professional Designers’ Knowledge Organization Behavior: A Case Study in Product Teardowns

Framing and Tracing Human-Centered Design Teams' Method Selection: An Examination of Decision-Making Strategies

Design for Cybersecurity (DfC) Cards: A Creativity-Based Approach to Support Designers’ Consideration of Cybersecurity

Method Selection in Human-Centered Design Teams: An Examination of Decision-Making Strategies